Zaid:From Shooting Star TO Fallen Star

Just let Zaid Ibrahim go, and the thorn will be removed. He is not worth the pain.’

Ferdtan: Zaid Ibrahim has crossed the line and there is no return. From his statements in the numerous press conferences, he had been firing wildly, even embarrassing his own allies. He came into the party as a shooting star – but now he is more like a fallen star, after being called a traitor, Umno’s trojan horse, a mole, Utusan Malaysia’s supporter and a sore loser.

Most of the rakyat are not partial to any particular leader – we are only partial to the cause of united opposition front to challenge the corrupt BN government. Just don’t meddle and jeopardise the harmony of the front as we don’t take that kindly – whatever your reasons and justifications.

We will react the same if even Anwar Ibrahim were to do something detrimental against the interest of the front. Just let Zaid go, and the thorn will be removed. He is not worth the pain.

MyGosh: This is very sanctimonious of Azmin. If you are a gentlemen, than call for the deputy president elections be postponed until all irregularities are cleaned up. That will be fair and you will gain a lot of respect. We have not forgotten that you tried to undermine the Selangor MB and that you were booted out of East Malaysia. There is no smoke without fire.

Jaguh: Most observers of PKR and its recent debacles forget the fact that Zaid received more than one-third of the member votes for the deputy slot. For whatever the politics of the day dictates, there are still may PKR members behind Zaid and to antagonise each other now is only going to cause a big divide within the party.

I am surprised DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) has been keeping mum on this issue and even some of his tweets indicate that he is not hands on – he is just relying on comments from friends. This, I must say, is bad leadership.

Azmin has shown that he is a good politician, but at the same time a good leader must also unite the party under these trying times. PKR is seen as disoriented and with GE13 drawing close and if this situation persists, it will drive voters away. In order to realise the struggle we all wish for, for heaven’s sake, close ranks.

Christ Follower: Zaid, it would be better for you to form a new party and join Pakatan and work closely with Anwar and Azmin if you think you can produce results that way. Otherwise, stay independent and strengthen your party with your supporters and see how many state assemblymen and MPs your party can produce in the 13th GE.

Ghkok: What Zaid does after he’s sacked from the party is his own business. Bruised and battered, but determined and defiant as ever, the 400,000 members of the party, joined by millions of others, will continue to fight for justice and reforms, to end 52 years of tyranny and oppression. The journey continues.

Mikey: I think Zaid must form a new party and offer a third choice. It doesn’t matter if it is a mosquito party. PKR cannot disown him and yet want his supporters and the portion of public support that is with him, however little that is.

Sure, it may affect Pakatan in GE13 but that is the growing pains of democracy. Zaid must stop fighting from within for there is also no point destroying PKR.

Peter Chen: Is Zaid trying to get sacked by shooting off his machine-gun mouth so that he can then use his sacking as his excuse in creating even more divisions among those who look forward to giving someone/party/coalition a fair crack at reforming the country?

Fidus Achates: Zaid, go and form that new party and put your money where your mouth is. Let’s see how much support you’ve got. Talk is cheap. Blogosphere support even cheaper. Make my day.
Zaid Ibrahim is fast losing party allies

Mikey: Zaid is not a politician or he would have been more sly and cunning. He has been used because the consummate politicians in PKR knew he could be relied on to speak his mind.

But that may be what attracts a significant portion of the general public to him. The portion that is sick of politicians, of double speak, of toeing party lines, etc. It doesn’t matter what he says is stupid or damages a particular party.

Maitreya: Zaid Ibrahim’s entry into PKR was hailed by many as a very positive development, mainly because it appeared that Zaid had the potential to be a charismatic leader holding Pakatan together in the event that Najib Razak’s gang managed to push through their ugly agenda of putting Anwar away.

Unfortunately, Zaid’s impatience and arrogant attitude have alienated those of us who remember and appreciate the long hard road Anwar, Azmin and other Pakatan leaders have travelled to plant the seed of hope in our hearts for the flowering of true democracy and justice.

Zaid has never been arrested, persecuted and imprisoned. He rose to national prominence by resigning from his post as de facto law minister under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when the ISA was abused (once again).

PKR’s electoral chaos are a technical problem. The party has 400,000 members. This is the first time every member has been given the chance to elect party leaders at all levels. Confusion is part of radical change.

Disgusted: It looks like Zaid has kissed his political future goodbye. If he forms a mosquito party called ‘Keadilan Baru’, he will end up like Wee Choo Keong when he left DAP and set up his party. Perhaps he should leave politics and join some NGOs and contribute to them. Perhaps Bersih 2.0 will be a good movement for him to be involved.

In the meantime, he should shut up and not wash further dirty linen in public to save himself from embarrassment. Everyone had high hopes for him in Pakatan, perhaps even serving as a minister should they succeed in getting to Putrajaya, but he has shot himself on the foot due to his impatience and eagerness to go up the political ladder in PKR.

Why did he not go for vice-presidency? Although many do not think much of Azmin as an intelligent-minister material, he has built strong grassroots support in PKR. It is a fallacy to say that the number two man in PKR will be the deputy PM. They must remember there are two other partners in the coalition.

WandererAUS: Zaid may have very sound reasons to reform PKR, but his approach left much to be desired. Perhaps, he has forgotten the meaning of tact and understanding to gain more allies to carry out his reforms. He has given a perception of a non-team player and a potential dictator in the making.

Even if he tried to form a ‘third force’ (an offshoot of PKR), he will fail miserably.

Loo Soon Fatt: Keadilan Baru will end up like Umno Baru. Malaysians are not ready for a third force as this will create more confusion. We have not even succeeded in a two-party system, what more a third force can do. Unless the third force join BN, the majority of opposition voters will not support them as happened to SAPP in Batu Sapi.

Good luck to Zaid and Co.

Cala: I agree with most commentators in this forum. Even if Zaid has reasons to believe that the election so far as seen by him is less than perfect, or for that matter tainted with frauds of votes buying, etc, his behaviour is not acceptable.

“When you are a grown-up, you don’t throw a tantrum if something offends you, you discuss it” (The Free Dictionary). Political struggle is after all a long process, not for the faint-hearted souls. Think Nelson Mandela, think Gandhi.

Ghkok: I don’t care about a third force, fourth force, or 10th force for that matter. In my opinion, anywhere in the world, it is unforgivable and unacceptable for a high-ranking member of a party to openly threaten to set up another party. It is treason. The person must be sacked – immediately.

BTN: Alamak Zaid, just when we thought we could get more reliable ex-members from Umno coming in to help the party to get stronger, now we have you doing a Zahrain Hashim and Zulkifli Noordin. What a bitter disappointment your actions turn out to be.


Umno tidak akan terima Zaid semula

PUTRAJAYA: UMNO tidak akan menerima bekas Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, menyertai semula parti itu, kata Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

“Zaid, kita buang dia. Kita nak bawa dia balik buat apa?,” kata Tengku Adnan ketika ditanya peluang Zaid sekiranya ingin kembali kepada UMNO. “Dia juga akan bagi masalah. Kita tidak suka orang yang beri masalah. Kita hendak orang yang masuk parti kita, parti komponen Barisan Nasional (BN), orang-orang yang menjiwai perjuangan bukan untuk mencapai sesuatu bagi diri masing-masing,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Majlis Konvo Kanak-kanak Tabika/Taska KEMAS sekitar Putrajaya, di sini hari ini.
Pada 8 November lalu, Zaid telah menarik diri daripada bertanding jawatan timbalan presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan meletak semua jawatannya dalam parti itu berikutan dakwaan bahawa pemilihan parti itu tidak telus.

Namun, Zaid yang dipecat daripada UMNO pada Disember 2008 dan menyertai PKR enam bulan selepas pemecatannya, sehingga kini belum menyatakan untuk kembali ke pangkuan UMNO dan hanya dilaporkan bercadang untuk menubuhkan parti politik yang baru.


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