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British Minister Reveals Being Gay

Britain’s Conservative prisons minister Crispin Blunt.

Britain’s Conservative prisons minister Crispin Blunt has announced that he is homosexual and this is why he has separated from his wife.

He said that he is “coming to terms with his homosexuality,” the Guardian reported.

The timing of Blunt’s announcement about his sexuality, Friday afternoon, prompted speculation that a weekend paper had been given information and was planning to publish a story about his private life.

The 50-year old Tory MP, who has represented Reigate since 1997, announced his separation from his wife Victoria in a statement on the ConservativeHome website, saying he had “explained the position” to his family.

As prisons minister, Blunt is responsible for penal policy and finding savings in the prisons budget as part of this autumn’s departmental spending review.


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