Mesir: Rakyat dan Tentera Bakar Kereta Kebal

Tunjuk perasaan besar besaran di Mesir memasuki hari ke 6

Berita dari Teluk melaporkan tentera Mesir bersama rakyatnya telah membakar beberapa buah kereta kebal.

Tindakan itu adalah tanda protes dari tentera Mesir kepada Presiden diktator Hosni Mubarak.

Terkini dari Mesir,semua maklumat dan hubungan telefon serta internet termasuk perkhidmatan blackberry diputuskan dari dalam negeri.Walaubagaimana pun ada beberapa sumber lain yang membawa maklumat dari Mesir.

Angka korban setakat ini 150 orang dan lebih 2,000 orang cedera. Bangunan parti pemerintah (umno Mesir) telah dibakar oleh rakyat marhaen.Bursa saham jatuh menjunam.

Al Jazeera melaporkan…

Al Jazeera’s sources have indicated that the military has now also been deployed to the resort town of Sharm el Shaikh.

Sherine Tadros, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in the city of Suez, said the city had witnessed a “completely chaotic night”, but that the streets were quiet as day broke.

She reported that in the absence of police and military, people were “taking the law into their own hands”, using “clubs, batons, sticks, machetes [and] knives” to protect their property.

“People are trying to get back to normal, but of course this is anything but,” she said, adding that as the day wore on, the military had set up several checkposts in an attempt to “show people that they are here and … will provide some kind of security”.

Rawya Rageh, our correspondent in Alexandria, reported similar scenes, saying that people were particularly concerned about their personal safety and that of their property.

She reported that the military in Alexandria was not focusing on protesters, attempting instead to prevent any further damage or theft of property.

Anti-Mubarak protests have engulfed Middle East’s most populous nation since last Tuesday. More than 150 people have been killed in the unrest.

On Saturday, an embattled Mubarak sacked his cabinet and appointed a vice-president and a new prime minister. But the move has failed to douse anger on the streets

Dutton said that protesters are unlikely to stop demonstrating, as they “want one thing, and one thing only: they want the leadership to go”.

As international powers express concern regarding events in Egypt, the US state department has reduced its diplomatic presence in Egypt, saying it had authorised the voluntary departure of dependents of diplomats and non-essential workers.

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